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Kay Brock is a kids night brand that designs and creates an exciting night atmosphere. Bedding,  pajamas and night friends that scare the night away. Sometimes our designs sneak in-to day items (dresses,aprons,etc...) it's just because as designers we can't control our passion to graphics, colors, fabrics materials and when we meet a chance to print , we grab it right away.


Kay Brock - sweet dreams collection, is a kids bedding collection.It includes 5 different linen sets for kids and one baby set.

Each set includes a charterer /night warrior that can skate/ glam/ sing/ gobble or scare the night away. All characters are made of large embroidery and application of shiny, high quality satin fabrics that create

a 3d colorful and funky look .

All sets are manufactured in turkey.  Made of 100% cotton, thousand of stitches and lots of love and color. All sets are machine washable.

Now close the lights!!! and begin to dream......



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